The 21st century kids are constantly urged to take part in a rat race that is highly competitive and have lost the value of appreciating simpler things in life. It is important to make sure that your child is constantly in touch with things such as music, art and dance for it will help them grow as decent human beings in the future who are empathetic and people with much greater perspective. Studying subjects apart from core subjects such as Math and science would really improve child’s development too.

Motor Skills

A child’s motor skills could be developed by being in touch with aesthetics such as art and music. Learning how to hold a crayon, play the keys in a piano or strum a guitar are highly important for growing children. It will help a child develop balance and skills that cannot be taught through other activities. They will also, be fond of the arts and learn to appreciate it more.


Kids could learn a language much faster when they are taught according to a song or a specific tune. For example even the ABCs are taught in a specific tune for easy remembrance at the preschool. Even drawing something, being familiar with colors and shapes will help immensely to develop the language skills a growing child will need. The arts help children in a major way to learn new things.

Improved performance

There are many studies shown that kids who are more in touch with arts perform well in academics in later years. Make sure that the preschool where children attends to firmly believes in this too, and that the kids are given work with relation to art and music and dance. They are taught to be creative from the very early stages of life, and this will in return help them with academic success in the future.


If people of a different culture and nationality have migrated to a different country, it would be hard for a young child to learn the culture. But through song and dance, these could be taught to them at a younger age. Parents and schools could inculcate this to their children at a very small age to make sure that their roots are firmly with them at all times.

Given above are some reasons as to why you should have your kid study and enjoy aesthetics more, for it will help your child in many more ways than just the above mentioned. See this link for more information about childcare in Singapore.