Over the past few decades, safety and security has been a very important part of our daily lives. Considering the items of value found in an average home and office today, this hardly comes as a surprise. When it comes to security systems, reliability is a key factor as people have an incredible knack for cracking codes, and looking for all possible ways to break through the security protocols. As a result, other methods have been tried and tested, some failing, others such as fingerprint scanning taking over the world by storm.


One of the biggest problems we face in our world today is that of identity theft. With countless stories making their way into newspapers on a daily basis, it is apparent just how rife this issue is, and how vigilant we have to be in preventing it. If for example you are using a card system at office, safe as it can be, if someone were to steal it they can then use it to gain access to any restricted areas. Eventually, when they track details it is you they will hold responsible unless there is CCTV proof which could be your only chance at clearance. These complications can easily be avoided with a fingerprint lock.


Many companies around the world have made the switch over to fingerprint scanning lock as they have found this to be one of the most effective tools for time-keeping purposes. Signing an attendance registry is not always reliable as they can put in different times of entry and departure and not be penalized for it, costing the company money in the process. This method enables the company to keep a track of each of their employees and make the appropriate amendments to pay where necessary.


One of the main reasons companies have been eager to install a fingerprint lock system, is because they are incredibly reliable. Loss of a card, theft and even storage of data are all problems that plague the keycard option. With fingerprint scanning, all that is required is entry of the scanned fingerprint into the system for recognition which can just as easily be wiped out if for example an employee leaves the company. This will instantly bar them from any further entry into the building.


Seeing as how you will not need to carry keys or keycards of any form with you, there is a far less chance of you being locked out of the building. Provided you have been entered into the system you are granted access at all times, and your behaviour will be recorded in the system so it can be accessed at a later date if necessary. All in all, it is a sensible security solution especially for companies. Click this link http://dessmann.com.sg/dessmann/about-us/ for more information about digital lock Vietnam.