Don’t we all love Halloween and Christmas for all its chocolate, candy and cake? As much as we love sweetened treats, we need to be aware of its consequences. Excess sugar can harm our health massively and hence proper dietary control, exercise and mental health is needed to avoid these consequences. Sweetened beverages, starch and sweet treats need to be stayed away from. So here are some of the negative effects of excess sugar intake.

  1. It has no useful nutrients

Sugar only gives you calories with no essential nutrient at all. Hence it is known as empty calories that you take in for no good reason. It has no proteins, fat, minerals or any other nutrient, but simply energy. When 10%-20% of a person’s calorie intake is made up of sugar, it will lead to serious nutrient deficiencies.

  1. Oral problems

All our parents’ advice on getting our teeth to go bad because of candy is valid. Sugar provides energy that can be easily digested by the bacteria in our mouths which leads to tooth problems. Nobody likes visiting the dental clinic Singapore so be mindful. You could see tooth decay for yourself by putting your old tooth in a glass of coke rather than waiting for the tooth fairy.

  1. Obesity and diabetes

Insulin is the hormone that tells our cells to burn sugar and not fat to generate energy. Having too much sugar in your blood is chronic and hence it needs to be burned out fast. However, with excess sugar intake, you cells start rejecting insulin and hence the insulin will not be able to work properly. This is called insulin resistance. It causes the excess sugar to be stored as fat.

  1. Cancerous

Cancer is one of the top ranked causes of death around the world which cannot be taken lightly. Unlike a tooth ache where you get a dental implant procedure done, treatment for cancer is extremely difficult. Insulin is known to be a hormone that influences cell growth. When you take in excess sugar, your insulin level will stay at high levels all the time and hence it will create cancer.

  1. Accelerates aging

Sugar causes sagging skin, which we all hate so much. Sometimes the excess sugar attaches to proteins, which then reduces the elasticity of your skin, making it hang and sagging. You may look very older than you actually are. The more sugar you consume, the faster this process happens. So, to stay young always, reduce your sugar intake and take care of your health.