Planning on a party? But you don’t have too much to spend for it? Are you wondering if it is possible to have a party that is not very expensive? Well, holding a cheap party is no big deal at all. You definitely can hold a cheap party. And yes it will be equally, or even more fun! Don’t you worry!


You will first need to draw up a rough budget. It doesn’t have to be entirely specific with all the tasks but try to write down as all the expenses that you expect to incur as possible. Keep in mind that you will need to cut some tasks off. As some of the tasks may be too expensive for your liking. So once you set the tasks you may have to cut down on some costs. For instance, you may have written down buying the drink for the after party. But you could get your friends to bring the drinks!

Guest list

Keep the guest list as small as possible. The number of people is going to one of the most cost effecting factors. And once you start increasing the number of people to invite you will not be able to stop. Put a list and make it final. Only if anyone on your guest list bails out on you, you should consider inviting another person. As the buffet delivery in Singapore you may have booked will not allow you to keep making changes to the quantity.

The party

The party itself will not incur any extra costs than planned. And you should try to keep it that way. Don’t try to keep adding stuff to buy until the last minute. Always stick to the plan! For the party itself people may start suggesting you have some special eatables or drinks, but simply overcome those saying that you will keep that in mind when planning the next party! Also make sure the food catering service is doing a good job. And always make sure to stick around. That way they tend to be continuing to do a good job. Have fun! It is your party!


Lastly, if you are planning on decorating for the party don’t buy any of the décor. You can simply buy the materials that would be necessary to hand make those décors. As most of the time making them will be even less than half the price. You can make sure to create the DIYs properly, by watching video tutorials available online. The tutorials online can be of really great help when it comes to making décors. You should always try to make your own for your parties as buying decors can now a days be very expensive!