There is no doubt that your child’s bedroom may have been a little messy and ugly after having been used by your child for many years. Many children’s bedrooms often have drawing all over its walls, drawings on bed sheets, on furniture and every possible surface but now that your child is older, he or she may be bored with having such a baby room and therefore it would be great idea for you to surprise your child with a room make over.

Plan ahead

If you are planning on surprising your child, you will need to do it while they are in school. Plan well ahead so you can buy all of the accessories for your child’s room ahead of time such as the children light. Singapore has many online stores and also physical stores that sell some amazing children’s accessories. In fact, if you look well enough, you might be able to find some amazing deals on kid’s accessories and furniture.

Your child is growing up so it is important that you think about your child’s future needs as well when decorating your child’s room. Your child will need a place to study and do their homework so you will need to get your child a study table, a chair and a children light in Singapore children’s stores may even have some matching sets that you can buy for your child’s room which will not only cost less but will look amazing in the bed room as they will all match.

A mini library

You can also encourage your child to start reading by installing a small library in his or her new bedroom with a wide range of famous children’s books and also encyclopedias with lots of information. Encourage your child to have lots of hobbies by building an “art corner” with paints, crayons, and pencils that your child can use to develop his or her talents.

If your child has a favourite movie, a favourite book or a favourite character, you can even choose to design the room with that as a theme. If your daughter loves Disney and Disney princesses, you can choose to have the room painted pink and have princess themed furniture, bed sheets and curtains.

If you think it will take more than half a day to make the room ready, you might get your spouse to pick your child up from school and take them out for treats while the room is being organized so that you have more time to prepare the room. After this, your child can be responsible for taking care of the room.