Skin is the largest organ in the body. If asked, what are the steps you have taken to protect the biggest organ in your physique, do you have an honestly satisfactory answer? Because most have not taken any steps of precaution and that can make your health bills go up. Skin needs to stay moistured to look shiny and healthy; you need to drink a lot of water for that. Water helps with many other functions as well; therefore, in turn keeping the skin healthy will keep you, as a whole, very fit and strong.   

 Why is it important?

 Keeping your skin out of danger is not due to it being the largest organ alone. Your skin is the outer casing of you; when one sees you, they see this external cover. So you need to maintain it to the best of your ability. Water does help a lot. However, your skin needs ample nutrition via natural means. As beauty therapies, you can use many creams or soaps. But it is important that it’s nourished from inside. Many people hate eating vegetables and fruits. But they are the main containers of the essential nutrients for you, including for the skin, so if you can’t stand to eat them, at least try taking them from outside, for example such as a lutein supplement. It helps you keep healthy eyes and skin.

 Don’t wash too much

 Since the objective is to keep it nice and shine, you may think washing it frequently can be a better solution. You can’t be more wrong. Skin is kept in this condition by the natural oils that are produced by the skin cells in the body. Cleaning yourself frequently will wash it all away.


Wrinkling is an issue everyone faces, especially with ageing. But it can come even before that due to genetic reasons, other medical situations etc. However, apart from drinking enough water and eating plentiful of greens and yellows, you can also take in a collagen supplement in Singapore. It will not only make the wrinkles disappear, make you have firmer skin, but also help with better nails and hair.

Protect from sunlight

 Another important message to take to heart is protecting your skin from sunlight. This is not just due to the discoloration of the skin. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can have unfavorable effects on the skin. Too much of it can even cause a cancer threat.

 People spend so much money on makeup to make them look better, when the solution to extra-beautiful skin is so simple. Make up will cover the skin externally and remain for a small time period. But if you treat your skin right, it will last the whole lifetime.