There are so many different institutions teaching various things. All of them have teachers or lecturers who are assigned to perform their duties and feed the minds of the students who learn under them. Even if the student is attentive and the institution is having a good reputation, the student will not successfully grasp anything if the teacher is not good at what he or she is doing. There are some essential qualities that should be in a teacher to make him or her suitable for the position of teaching.

Qualifications matter

It is important that a good teacher has the required qualifications in order to carry out her duties. A good institution will always make sure to check on their educational qualifications and their prior experiences in the field. For an instance, a phonics classes Singapore is not something that anyone can conduct. There are certain certifications and lessons the teachers themselves should obtain before being place to conduct lessons.

Friendly and kind

It is important that a teacher is friendly and kind. There will be different students and each of them will have different abilities. It is important that a teacher helps them to get to know their abilities and to help them to improve such abilities. As an example, if it is a teacher who conducts lessons at reading and writing classes it is important that he or she stays kind even if a child is not being able to catch up with the lessons as fast as other students.


A good teacher will always be empathetic. He or she will try as much as possible to see things from the students’ point of view rather than their own. This will make it easier to find the source of student issues and to address them effectively.

Curiosity and sharing knowledge

The process of learning never really ends. This is common even for a teacher. A good teacher will be a curious leaner and will selflessly share the knowledge with his or her students. They will not regard learning new things from a student as a problem.


A good teacher will be a humble person. He or she will not be proud or boastful about the qualifications held by them. Instead, they will use those qualifications to bring out the best in a student. Even if he or she says something wrong it will be in their nature to apologize and correct it.

The above are important qualities a teacher should possess. Additionally, it is important that a teacher is responsible for each and every student learning from him or her.