If you are very fluent in the English language and are looking to start a new business, you may consider starting up a small English Academy or an institute to teach the English language to other people in your town who do not know to speak the English language fluently. You do not need any particular qualification in order to start business like this as all you need is to be fluent at the language and have the ability to be able to transfer your knowledge to someone else who does not know the language completely. You may need to have the money to hire out a place on rent and to pay the initial deposit, however, if you do not have this money, you may consider having the English classes at your own home.

Marketing your new business

Before you start your marketing process for your new English language Institute you will need to start thinking about who your main target market is. You will need to target those who do not know English and therefore may not be on social media. While you may consider doing some online marketing through Facebook and through Twitter you might not reach your exact target market through these avenues. The chances are that you may need to consider getting some hard copy flyers printed through a flyer printing service that you can hand out to the homes in your area and to other shops in your area.

You may even consider having some of the flyers that you have designed and printed left at the flyer printing service itself as people to come in to have their things printed may require the need for English language training. In fact you may find a lot of businesses will come in to the printing company to have their own flyers printed and may require your services to train their entire office staff.

However you may also consider doing an online campaign where you will have flyers on your facebook pages that you can pay Facebook and have advertised in order to reach thousands of potential customers with the simple click of a button and after having to spend only a dollar or two. Even if you do not reach your exact target market on Facebook you will be successful in spreading the word about your brand and your company’s name so that people who see your ad may tell others about it and spread the word through word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.