Communication can be explained as one of the most effective way of transmitting messages from a particular sender to a receiver in a quick and untestable way. The importance of communication is immeasurable comparing to any other sources in this world. At the beginning of the world. In the past, the types of communication technology devices were evolved by sending smoke signals or using carrier pigeons to send messages. But when coming back in to the present world nowadays people use more efficient way of communication such as e-mail, fax, phones and other advance technological methods which are more easy, convenient and precise.

However, with the improvement of technology mobile phones plays a major role in the world. It has evolved immensely from the day it was introduced to the world. Whether it’s a smart phone or an android phone people in the society want to operate it in a faster pace because communication in the present world plays a great role in private and public life style of a person. Literary more advance technologies like iPad, kindles, tablets and blackberry playbooks and many more has allowed communication instantaneously through messages, video chat, instant call and many more. The current trend of mobile technology evolves around highly advanced phones. For example, the iPhone. What everyone clamors to do is to get to a smart phone to highlight their personality. This is evident to one if he looks at an iPhone store as there is a never ending gathering around those stores.

Despite the sky high prices of these smart phones people yet compete to get hold of a smart phone as it at present is used as a device which enhances your prestige. To be exact iPhone prices in Singapore for an instance are extremely high that can only be afforded by a particular class of people in the society. Yet people do buy these phones.

Technology develops every second at present. Therefore, it is important for us to change along with it. There might be issues raised as to whether this adoption of technology is good for the society? The answer would always be two types. One group in the society would respect this change, want to adopt to it and get used to it. They would consider it as a positive thing which comes along with development. But another group might talk against this. They might consider this as a bad effect on the youths, a virus to the society and a disaster. However, it depends on how one sees it and a person’s mentality. But this development makes things quicker and easy.