Be it for work or school, travelling and living away from home and your loved ones is fairly common now-a-days. It is almost unavoidable; and unfortunately plays a large part on relationships. If you are planning on living away from your loved one, and want to make your distant relationship work, then the below tips and suggestions are just for you… 

  • Be upfront above what to expect and what you are not comfortable with – everyone one has insecurities. Rather than going hours or days without no communication, and an overactive imagination, let your partner know beforehand what’s happening with you. If you are expecting a particularly busy week which will make speaking to them hard, let your partner know beforehand so they are not disappointed when you don’t call. If you are not comfortable with them going out to party late at night; speak about it. This way, you know you won’t unintentionally create a situation.    
  • Communication is key – like we’ve mentioned above, communication is vital. It is the key to a successful long distance relationship. Call them up regularly. Leave little messages that don’t need replying through internet messaging apps. Make use of video calling, video messaging and voice messaging. Never let your partner feel as though they are forgetting your voice or your face. 
  • Make an effort to visit whenever possible – as important as it is to speak to your partner regularly, it is as vital to make an effort to see them in person. The occasional physical contact can strengthen your bond, making it easier for you to stay apart. Make use of a budget car rental Singapore service to help you out. If the distance is too far to drive, consider taking the train or save up so you can fly over at least once in six months.  
  • You can celebrate birthdays and special occasions – if you time it well, you can use your rent a car service around the time of a special occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even funerals are all occasion that needs your physical attendance. But if you simply cannot make it on that day, make sure to be online the whole day; whenever they might need a little emotional support. In the case of birthdays, you can celebrate through an online party; timing a gift to arrive at your partner’s doorstep about the time you call them. You can read more here
  • Do things together, continue having things in common – having things in common is one of the major reasons you are attracted to someone. Once you get into a relationship, enhancing those common interests and exploring new interests together makes your relationship stronger. Do not let your distance get in the way of doing things together. Play online games together, enroll for the same online course…you could even watch a movie together; keeping your partner online while you both watch the same movie at the same time!