There are times that it is pretty hard to accept changes. Especially changes in the place we live, the place we go school to, the place we work are hard to accept. It is difficult to cope with new changes that happen in our livelihood because they possess a huge effect on us, both physically and emotionally. We have attached ourselves and adapted to a particular environment for a long period of time. These places have us binded to them with their familiar surroundings and many precious memories.

Nevertheless, change we must, if the call were made. Simply saying, we must shift from our familiar surroundings and adapt ourselves to new surrounding if we get job transfers or the necessity for migration. In such situations, not only the parents but also their children have to learn to accept the new society, the new culture and new friends. Like t or not, we must adapt to the new atmosphere in order to survive. Your kid needs more help to get comfortable being around in a new place. So let us be more optimistic and try to face the challenges of the new society.

In case you are a banker or some other professional worker, you will get the opportunity to visit new countries. Not only visit, but also settle there for months or maybe years. Then of course it is wise to take your wife/husband and kids along with you to avoid being away from them for a long time. So when migrating to a new place your children will face their first obstacle at school when they are not able to conversate with teachers and other pupils. At home, help them simple learn English speaking in Kuala Lumpur by watching cartoons, programs and news in English.

Take them out and show them various landmarks and shops to help them familiarize with their surroundings. Teach them the etiquettes of the local people and help them to communicate with them. Online English courses will help your child to learn the language in an attractive way. To avoid being pressurized by peers at school, the community and neighbours, advice your child to be smart, kind and brave.

As soon as your kid learns to mix in with the peers and locality, he/she will enjoy a wonderful time at school and play. You will see how valuable it is to let your child engage in a mixed community. Not all children have the opportunity to mix in with different people from different countries. As for you, settling and bonding with the new environment will not be hard as long as your family settles in.