Wedding jitters are mood spoilers for the bride, when the big day is nearing. You’re constantly worried about things going wrong or not being perfect and so on. When the nervousness kicks in, nothing might seem to be working to calm yourself. Constant nervousness would clearly show on your face. On the big day of your life, you need to look fresh and beautiful, as all eyes are on you and your partner. Moreover, you would be heading for the wedding photo-shoot, pre, during and post the ceremony. So, you might be in need of some beauty tips from professionals chiming on the count down for the wedding:
 Day 1
Even though you might have heard many instructions, it would be best to start having a light and healthy diet about a week early. Include fruits with anti-oxidants, healthy juices and healthy meal. This will help boost your system to feel fresh and energetic.
 Day 2
Take warm baths and add some essential oils for calming and elevating the moods such as Lavender, Jasmine, etc. Many expert makeup professional in Singapore, advises the bride to get the manicure, pedicure, wax and eyebrows few days prior to the big day.
 Day 3
Engage in your normal exercise routine to reduce stress or add this activity if you aren’t doing so. Spend some quality time with friends to free your mind, listen to relaxing and romantic music. If so, spend close time with your partner to be.
 Day 4
Adding all of the above into the schedule during the last week prior to the wedding, you should also consider taking some vitamins. It will enhance your immune system and help you feel better. As a fact, you’d be able to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free sleep.
 Day 5
It’s about time to stop taking beverages such as coffee, canned drinks, etc. Apply some homemade face packs to increase the glow and condition the hair with a natural conditioner to bring out the shine to your hair.
 Day 6
Also you would now do a hair and facial therapy according to the package you choose, except peels, injections or laser treatments. This will enhance and rejuvenate your appearance and end it with the perfect hair do. Make sure you eat really well, up your yoga or exercise routine and that a sound beauty sleep.
 Wedding Day
You should keep ample of time ahead for preparing (grooming and dressing) before the big event. With all the preparing during the week, you’d be able to calm down and handle all the joyous moments in this day filled with all the hustle and bustle.
So with one week for the big day, the countdown begins. You want to feel calm, but you’re overly excited and exhilarated about the marriage. Get enough of sleep, eat fresh and healthy and consider these tips because you’re going to need to have the energy for the long day.