If you are looking for extra classes to get your child enrolled in it, it is important that you should know which classes are best for your child. This is because, every class has a different pattern of teaching, and they also follow different syllabus. Knowledge about the teaching pattern and syllabus followed by the classes will help you to get your child enrolled in the right one.

Now when tuition has become a parallel system of education worldwide, and it is accepted by the student as well as their parents open heartedly, and even the tuition providers have adopted various teaching methodologies to attract more students. Here are some of the teaching methods opted by various tuition classes

  • Individual classes

In individual classes the teacher offers classes to a student at a time. It means that the tutor will not entertain any other student while teaching the student for which the class has been assigned. This tuition class is best for those students who are really weak in any subject and require extra attention of teachers. This is not possible to get the individual attention of teachers in the school. If the student wants to prepare for O level math tuition Singapore with certain goal to achieve, then this class is perfect for them.

  • Group classes

In group classes, a small group of students are created. In a group mostly 5 to 6 students taught at the time. Teachers at a time, teaches one group and resolve all their queries and give them information about the subject. These classes are good for those students you need some extra attention out of the class. Here they can comfortably ask questions to their teachers pertaining to the subject.

  • Classroom classes

The classroom classes are just like the school classes in which 20 to 30 students are taught at a time. The difference between the classroom tuition classes and the school classes is the teacher’s method of teaching. Some students find easy to understand things from a particular teacher rather from a school teacher. These classes are good for those students who just need to revision of topics already taught in class.

So these are different classes offered in any tuition, and there you can enroll your child according to his comfort level with the subject as well as a teacher. In addition to that, while enrolling the student, you should also consider the fact what board syllable the tuition classes cover, because it is of no use to enroll a student who is looking for JC maths tuition in classes which covers the topic of CBSE or ICSE board.