For those who want to have the camping adventure and yet do not want to do the whole process of driving to a dangerous place and staying overnight with kids then the backyard will be the best substitute; this is especially the case for those living near forests and national parks. But sometimes to get the whole adventurous feeling going you will need a checklist still and you can involve the kids in getting all the items too. Visit Global Green Pest Management that offers customised control and management schemes that will directly address your pest problems.

#1 Sleeping bags and tent

The main items of going camping outdoors are having sleeping bags and an operational tent. You can get the kids to grab their own sleeping bags and make sure the tent can be constructed during the evening of the camping session. Leave the tent setting to the kids on their own and do not help unless they ask for it; it is a great way for them to figure out how thing work and will be a learning experience.

#2 Food and drinks

The secondary main items of camping are the food and drinks. Prepare food that will need a fire to cook and do only the prep work for the main dishes. As you will be relying on the bonfire to cook them, make sure to have them wrapped in foil beforehand and also skewered with a long barbecue or camping skewer. Water or some fruit juice can go for the drinks menu, and use the cooler to keep these warm. Get the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for the kids’ favorite campfire food.

#3 Getting the bonfire items

While bonfires are not recommended in real-life camping, you can make do with one in your backyard. Have a pit set up in the evening and the grass and other vegetation cleared off. Make sure to encircle the pit with some large rocks so that the ash and coal will not move away while the kids and poking and prodding the fire. Grab wood and a little bit of fuel for the startup of the fire and keep everything in the porch or the yard itself. Keep the size of the bonfire small if you have younger children. A bonfire with some essential oils added to it is a good mosquito control.

#4 Instruct on good camping practices

Hold a little session with the kids to instruct them on the sleeping and food arrangements and also about handling fire. Make sure to instruct the older siblings on taking care of the younger siblings if the kids are planning on sleeping in the tent on their own. Give the oils for mosquito control to the older children and instruct on putting on the younger ones too.

Do your best to let the kids have a good time on their own but keep an eye out just in case. Let them know that your presence is not an option when the bonfire is going on.