If you are getting ready to tie the knot, then there may be quite a few things running in your mind that you need to finalize. One of these is probably your bridesmaids. Unless you’re one of the odd few who opt for no bridesmaids, then you will need to do the following tasks regarding the ladies in your bridal retinue.

Choosing Them

Picking bridesmaids may be one of the hardest choices a girl faces, especially if they have more than a couple of close gal pals. This choice is made easier if you’re from a family with a lot of girls. You can simply pick your siblings. Along with your best friend, and you would be done with the task. However if this is not the case, then you will have to face the tough task of having to pick and choose among your friends. When making your choice it is quite obvious that you need to pick the ones that you are closest to. In addition you should also consider their helpfulness on the big day. If there are some friends who you know for sure will be paying more attention to themselves than the tasks at hand, then they should definitely be looked over.

Getting the perfect dress

Finding bridesmaid dresses will definitely be a time consuming task, since you will need to take into account everyone’s preferences. If your bridal party is too big for everyone to come to a consensus then you will need to take the executive decision, and pick the one that you think is best. You will also need to keep in mind that bridesmaid outfits are definitely not cheap, and that there is an alternative to actually buying them, which is renting them. You could probably find bridesmaid dresses for rent, at wedding gown rental places.

While going to a wedding gown rental place to find your bridesmaid dress may not be part of the ideal wedding you or your bridesmaids envisioned, it’ll be easier on the pockets, and you may even be able to find dresses from prominent brands.

To-Do List

Once all of the above have been sorted out, you will need to start handing out duties to each of your bridesmaids. This may include things such a taking care of your phone, to helping guests find their seats. It is vital that you assign each person with specific duties, rather than mention them in general, so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done by them. If there are certain things you need help with before the big day, such dress shopping, or cake tasting, then let them know in advance about these too. It is ideal if your entire bridal retinue can be present for such things. However if there is a clash in schedules, then remember to stick to your plans, rather than changing things around for other’s benefit.