Ever wonder why less and less people are coming into your store? This is most likely because it has started to look old and not trendy enough to draw in customers. A store needs to look its best when it comes to being able to draw in new customers. Your store is mostly likely in need of some renovating to look good. Most likely you are not the only shop in the area providing the service you do so you don’t have a monopoly. This in turn means that if your store is not attractive enough there is not likely going to be any new customers coming your way.

Now when it comes to shop renovation it is important that you keep in with the trends. So first do some research online and find out the best designs for stores of your nature. That is to say depending on the service or good you provide what is trendy would seem to differ. In addition to that it wouldn’t hurt to also spy on what your competition has done to draw in customers. I am not saying to steal their ideas simply saying that it could provide you with some inspiration as to how to proceed with renovating your store. It would also be a good idea to have a suggestion box and ask your loyal customers what they would like to be different about your store. This could give you a rough idea of the direction that you need to take.

If you are at your store on lease before you begin on your shop renovation plans you need to make sure that you have the permission of the landlord to do so. It would help if you have proper plan or proposal to present to him when asking for his permission. The likelihood of him agreeing to your plans would be higher.

Moving one you need to be careful when hiring contractors for the job. You need to a good research on the one you are hiring and make sure that he is a reputable person who usually keeps to his word. Get references from him and make sure he is the real deal before you hire him. Asking your friends for suggestions would be a good start. Most importantly of course make sure there is a proper signed contract between you two.

In conclusion once you are done make sure to promote what you have done to draw in new customers. That is to say you could for an example have a grand reopening of your store once you are done.