You might be looking at hosting a great to homestay experience for students out there. There are several for ways you can do this. You must make sure to ask a few universities for their support on the matter too. Here are some tips for you to focus on:
Begin small
You must make it a point to host in a small manner if you have never done this before. You can try taking a student during the summer for a week or two and see how it goes. Some summer schools and camps organize amazing homestay experiences for those who live in the large cities or even those who live close to universities too. You must try and register yourself as an interested party looking into hiring student for live in experiences.
Give pet information
You must make it a point to state whether you like a student having a certain type of pet or not. Some students might have dogs which might be very odd in your culture. Sometimes the dog can end up tearing your shoes, chasing after your purse, running after other animals on buses or even pinning you to the door area too. You must make sure as an agency concerned about pets that you are looking into the breed, size and behavior of other animals too.

Talk to the family of the student
This is an important factor for you to focus on. You must try your best to introduce yourself and get in touch with other parents out there who are allowing their children to get involved in homestay experiences. It will be great if you can discuss any health concerns which you might have. In the event if the student is sick you can call the parents up or a doctor for assistance? Sometimes a person can be very homesick and might end up staying away from eating too in this case make sure you get to know the child before you prepare anything before hand or you can even ask the parents too.
Make the student very comfortable
You must try your best to make the student as comfortable as possible in the private room to stay. He or she might even want their own space when homesickness strikes. If you want to have more than one student but you only have one room then inform the agency or university where they can assign students of the same sex to stay in the room together.
Remember to always make your student feel comfortable with the accommodation option and avoid doing anything they don’t like. If you want to have a smooth interaction with the student then you must try your best to avoid any confrontations too by stating the rules of the house beforehand.